Social Media for Interior Designers

The 4 Best Social Media Platforms for Interior Designers

Social media is an essential marketing tool for interior designers and home decor brands. However, whilst an effective social media strategy brings results and new clients, throwing all your energy into social media can be time-consuming and a drain on valuable resources.

Best social media for interior designers to use

Social media for interior designers

How can you make sure you’re investing your time wisely to get the results you need? Step one is to focus your energies on the 4 proven best social media channels for interior designers. Here’s my guide to where to promote your interior design business on social media

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the number one social media platform for interior designers to focus on and here’s why. It helps to think of Pinterest as less of a social media tool and more of a search engine. Unlike other social media platforms when people use Pinterest they are in research and buying mode, looking for inspiration and saving ideas for their dream home. 

With 250 million active monthly users (Sept 2018) Pinterest is driving trends. Designers often tell me they can predict what clients will ask for this season by what’s trending on Pinterest. Interior Design and Home Decor are some of the most active categories on the platform and your business needs to be visible in it.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook where content is famous for 15 minutes, on Pinterest good content is shared and re-shared giving it longevity. Sharing your content on Pinterest should be a well-planned part of your content strategy.  Done correctly it will drive traffic to your website boosting your website presence.

Additionally, if you are considering social PPC advertising talk to us about Pinterest. Facebook and Instagram are reaching saturation with advertising especially at times of the year like Christmas when you’ll pay even more to reach your audience. As Pinterest is a search engine Pinterest users are already searching with intent to purchase, so what better place to advertise your wares.

Another interesting fact is that Pinterest users also spend more per purchase than Facebook users when they click through from pins. As a place where people research expensive purchases, it’s geared towards a higher spend.

As a designer, Pinterest is also a great place to collaborate with your clients. You can share boards with pins to build ideas together for projects.

2. Instagram

As the interior design is a visual business Instagram is a great place to showcase your work. It also allows you to connect with your audience. Success on Instagram relies on sharing inspiring content which brings value to your audience. Think of your Instagram post as a daily mini-blog.

It’s a great way to connect with people tell them what you’re up to.  Talk about what interests you as a designer and showcase your work. Using hashtags you can quickly find your tribe and grow your followers. Don’t get hung up on numbers but instead focus on quality connections.

The internet loves video and IGTV provides a platform for interior designers to share their expertise with the world. For Instagram tips… can you guess what I’m going to say… follow me on Instagram @fiona.mostyn

If you’re ready to invest in growing your Instagram with either social media management or one-to-one training head over to the instagram services page.


“What’s the main difference between marketing by

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3. Houzz

Houzz is the world’s biggest platform for connecting home renovators with the professionals they need to get the job done. A place where interior designers, architects, builders and landscapers, and home decor brands showcase their work for homeowners to discover. has around 200,000 users in the UK. Similar to Pinterest, users on Houzz are in active buying mode and searching for professionals to help with their projects. It’s a great place to collaborate with your clients through the use of ideabooks to plan out your projects. Similar to Pinterest boards you can use idea books on Houzz to get feedback. However, they are far more fully-featured than Pinterest boards.  There’s an opportunity to share in-depth information with your clients and some designers even integrate them into their workflow as a project management tool. Get active on Houzz with a well-optimized profile and qualified leads to your business will follow.

For home decor brands it’s essential to create a profile on Houzz. Firstly you’ll reap the benefits of their powerful SEO. Secondly, you’ll also showcase your products to the thousands of users searching their site each month. Did you know you can tag your products in lifestyle pictures on the site with direct links to your eCommerce pages to buy?

Did you know I’m a qualified Houzz Marketer? I’ve even got a certificate!! You can download my top 5 tips to boost your business on Houzz here. If you want to boost your business find out more about my Houzz Marketing Services.

4. Facebook

I actually debated whether or not to put Facebook on the list and this might be a controversial decision but here’s why. Facebook is still the world’s biggest social media site so yes you do need a Facebook page. You also need a Facebook page to run your Instagram as a business account.

Every social media profile benefits you with links back to your site building your profile across the web. If you have enough resources in your business host a consistent presence on every channel you possibly can. If your time and budget are limited concentrates on the ones that will give you the best return.

With this in mind here’s what I think works for Facebook. In recent times as Facebook has streamlined its business to increase its revenue from business users. Since this happened organic reach from businesses to potential customers has plummeted. On the plus side, Facebook has some of the most sophisticated customer targetings of any media out there. Facebook advertising used to be an easy way to reach customers but businesses are now spending more than ever on Facebook ads to maintain their reach.

Who Should You Target on Facebook?

If you are a home decor brand selling low to mid-price-range products Facebook is a great place to find your audience and sell products through paid media. In contrast, it’s different for an interior designer working on high-end homes. It’s unlikely you’ll persuade someone to spend £50K+ on a kitchen from a Facebook advert. That business is far more likely to come from Houzz.

However, the older, well-heeled target demographic of kitchen buyers can be found using Facebook. In fact, it is their social media of choice! Unlike making a quick decision to buy a sub £50 cushion, your kitchen buyer will need a carefully planned campaign to win them over so don’t dive into Facebook ads without a solid strategy to convert your buyer to your offer that suits your business.

However, as with all aspects of your business and your branding on social media maintain an up-to-date profile. If you are going to be visible on a social media platform share inspiring content to show your business in its best light.

Other Social Media for Interior Designers

As I mentioned before any social media profiles you create that link back to your site is good for your presence on the web. LinkedIn is great for connecting with other businesses. Interior designers in hospitality, commercial, and property development are likely to find connections through LinkedIn. Especially as it is more geared to business use than social media sites that people use for leisure.

YouTube is the domain of influencers. It works particularly well with selling products through demonstration. So where you can’t build a presence yourself collaborate with influencers to build your profile. 

Social media can be time-consuming to manage whilst you’re busy planning, sourcing, and project managing. My Deco Marketing offers social media management specially focused on interior designers and home decor brands. Choose the right channels, whether it’s Pinterest management, Instagram strategy, or building your Houzz profile. Build your reputation and find new customers whilst you get on with running your business. Contact me to find out more.

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