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How to Get a Job in Interior Design – In with the Interior Design Crowd

A book review for you. In with the Interior Design Crowd is a comprehensive guide on how to get a job in interior design at any point in your career. Written by Lucy Painter who runs Studio Recruitment, the book helps graduates and designers make the perfect match in furthering their careers. This goes hand in hand with helping design studios to build their teams in line with their plans for growth.

Future Vision – 3D Design for Interior Designers

Why is 3D interior design a standard tool for interior designers in this day and age? How is it going to boost your business? I’ve invited Anna Klepikova of Anna K Studio to tell us everything you need to know about 3D design for interior designers. It’s history, it’s reach and it’s essential values.

interior design content marketing Made Simple

Interior Design Content Marketing Made Simple

There’s a saying that goes, when you love what you do you’ll never feel you have to work a day in your life. Interior design content marketing is very similar. When you create content that talks to your ideal customer, services their needs, solves their problems and aligns with the way that they want to live their lives, you’ll stop feeling like your spinning a sales pitch and start feeling like your having conversations. Discover how to create content that aligns with and attracts with your ideal customer.

Instagram tips for interior designers

Instagram Tips for Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer struggling to get growth or attract the right type of follower on Instagram? Have you been posting beautiful pictures but you still struggle to get any engagement on the channel. Do you want to know the secret of making more connections and getting business from instagram? Read on for 6 unmissable tips to help you use Instagram effectively for your business.

Designers making a difference

Designers Making a Difference

In times of crisis look for helpers is how the saying goes. But how are designers making a difference in the current crisis? We are currently living through times of unprecedented change and disruption to our daily lives. Stay home is the message to live by right now. Whilst many see this as a chore […]

Corona virus interior designers

5 Ways corona virus impacts interior designers

5 Ways corona virus impacts interior designers Corona virus is having an effect on businesses across the board. As I’m having conversations with clients and brands in the interior design world here’s some of the concerns they’re raising about how Corona virus impacts interior designers. 1. Day to day working in your business As I […]

Perfect Interiors Pictures for Your Design Business

What’s the best tool you have for marketing your interiors or decor business? Does it surprise you to know that it isn’t social media or email or networking? It starts way before you employ any of those elements with perfect interiors pictures. Tips to Create Perfect Interiors Pictures for Your Design Business Creating perfect interiors […]

Interior Design blogs and instagram

Interior Design Blog or Instagram Post – Which is Best?

I’m answering a simple question for you in this blog. What’s the difference between marketing with Instagram versus an interior design blog? What results can you expect from Instagram posts and blogs and what are the key differences between them.

online vintage store interior designer

From Interior Designer to Online Vintage Store Owner

Selling home decor items online is a natural addition to the portfolio of services for many interior designers. Aline Mckenzie-Reid of The Textured Room shares how she moved from the fast paced world of commercial interior design to build her new online vintage business. In doing so combined her passion for antique and vintage furniture into her interior design practice.

interior design blog post ideas

35 Easy Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Stuck for ideas of what to post on your blog? Take a look at my list of 35 easy blog post ideas to get your blog started