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35 Easy Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Having a blog on your website is a really effective way to drive traffic to your site and create an opportunity to convert those visitors to clients. But just how easy is it to come up with interior design blog post ideas? Providing valuable content and information for your target market builds your presence as an authority in your industry. However the hardest part is coming up with regular consistent content ideas to keep your blog busy and visitors coming back for more. 

So what should you blog about?

The number one thing I recommend that you blog about will always be your latest interior design project. Showcasing your work on your blog gives your readers a chance to really connect with you as a designer. However, it’s impossible to have a finished project or house tour to reveal every week or month as projects can take months or even years to complete. So alternatively here is a list of topic ideas for your blog which you can easily adapt into great content for your blog.

Here are 35 easy interior design blog post ideas

interior design blog post ideas

Design Advice

Giving advice on design projects helps readers understand the process of undertaking an interior design project. You can also use this to how you go about planning projects with your clients.

    1. Write about the number one question you get asked all the time
    2. When is the best time to plan an interior design project
    3. How to live through your renovation
    4. How interior designers can add value to your renovation
    5. Write about a design dilemma and how to solve it
    6. Write about how to define a budget for your interior design project

Practical Advice on making the right choices365 blog post ideas for interior designers

Showcase your expertise and help guide homeowners effectively through the maze of choices they’ll have to go through in planning an interior design project

                     7. What to look for when choosing kitchen appliances

8. What to look for when choosing flooring for different rooms

9. What to look for when choosing bathroom suites

10. Choosing curtains and blinds for different rooms

Style Advice

Style up an area in your home or studio and give advice on how your readers can do the same. Talk about the products, colour schemes and recommend stores where you like to source things from. Here are some ideas to consider

11. Style up a shelf

12. Style a dining table ready for entertaining

13. Style a garden seating area ready for a barbecue with friends

14. Style up a bed with cushions and throws

15. Style a sideboard with pictures, plants, accessories and lighting


Share your personal taste and things that inspire you with your readers by writing reviews. Here are some ideas of places to visit, photograph, and review on your blog


16. A local interiors store

17. A stylish new restaurant or cafe

18. A stately home

19. A design event – take a look at my design events calendar for ideas on where to go

20. An inspiring home tour


Trends come and go and tend to follow the seasons so there’s always something new to write about. You don’t always have to agree with the latest trends, so if you don’t like a particular trend that everyone else is raving about, write about why not and offer a better alternative.


21. Colour trends – What’s hot and what’s not

22. Trends in furniture – shapes, fabrics, materials

23. Trends in home automation and smart technology

24. Vintage trends – the latest blast from the past reappearing in our homes

25. Lighting trends – shapes, sizes, materials and what’s new


Practical advice for homeowners

As well as creating new interior design schemes give homeowners advice on how to care for their new or existing interiors. Sustainability is always important so give advice to help homeowners make the most of what they have or highlight small changes that can really make an impact.

26. Choosing and caring for houseplants

27. Cleaning tips to care for your home

28. Storage ideas for small spaces

29. How to paint furniture

30. How to hang lighting

31. How to declutter

Seasonal blog posts

 Create content to keep readers ahead of seasonal changes around their homes.

32. Spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather

33. Get your garden ready for summer entertaining

34. Christmas decorating ideas

35. Christmas gifting for interior design lovers

Still, stuck for ideas or need help getting your blog started?

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Need More Ideas?


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Alternatively, if you’d rather have someone else do the work for you, contact me, and let’s work together. I can provide a strategy session to get you started and create your very own content calendar to work from. I can also take care of your blog from start to finish. From content planning to publishing and promotion. I’ve already created 2 Amara Interior Blog Award shortlisted blogs for my clients. Will your blog be my next success story?

Your blog is a powerful tool to capture your audience’s attention. Make sure yours makes the right impact on your customers

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    These are some excellent ideas for interior design blog posts. Next time when I start to write content for the blog, I don’t have to spend a lot of time brainstorming to find the perfect topic to write on. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

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    Blogging become very popular in recent years which is good as the new fresh ideas create opportunities for those who search for them. Even if majority of pseudo-bloggers just using copy and paste technique I think is good as long if the copy good content to spread.

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